Ranger Snapshot: Simple Energy By Corey Haggard

Simple Energy designer Corey Haggard was featured in Forrst for his most recent re-design of the simple energy platform. Forrst is a community where developers and designers improve their craft through design feedback and their “Ranger Snapshots” are opportunities to highlight and delve deeper into the some of the most compelling work on the Internet.…

Recent Poll Reveals Overwhelming Support for Renewables in Western Mountain States

On February 7th, Colorado College’s State of the Rockies Project released the results of their third annual “Conservation in the West Poll”. The poll was a bipartisan operation, pairing polling companies from both political parties to conduct a survey of 2400 westerners from six western states on their feelings towards energy and conservation policy.The overall findings suggested a disparity between public opinion and current policy decisions, which is something that campaigning politicians should pay close attention to.