We are all Dreamers #DefendDACA

By Yoav Lurie on September 6, 2017

The President’s decision to revoke the “Dreamers” program is a cruel and unnecessary violation of the core tenants of the American story. To understand it, I want to share a story:

On October 25, 1985, a couple arrived in the United States with their three sons: ages 2, 5, and 7. They set out to build a new life for themselves in Los Angeles. They rented a too-small apartment to be in a neighborhood with good schools. In the years to come, the father got sick, and the mother cared for him and the boys as he ailed. By the time the youngest turned 7, the father lay on his death bed, thankful that he had brought his family to this land of opportunities.

The mom worked tirelessly at a job that paid almost enough. But, their community was generous, their schools were good, their attitudes were positive, and they strove to make this country their home. The oldest won a statewide high school competition for designing an eye-ball mounted camera. The middle was a track star with perfect grades and homecoming prince. The youngest was an Eagle Scout who began starting businesses when he was 9 and never stopped. All three boys went to great universities on scholarships; two went on to earn graduate degrees.

Five graduations, three weddings, and four grandchildren later, that mom is still in the same job for which she traveled to this country. Today, her three boys are building careers and families and communities. A few years ago, the youngest son started a company to help people save energy — today, they’ve saved enough energy to take a city the size of Pittsburgh off the grid and have helped save people over $100 million on their power bills.

Los Angeles, 1989.

Thirty two years ago a small family came to this country with a dream that was remarkable only insofar that it is the same dream shared by every family who brings their family to this country.


You know, a lot of the actions of our current administration have upset me. But, few have brought me to tears.

Today, I cried.

I sat in a back conference room at our office and I cried for the children who, like me, were brought to this country by their parents and have sought to do nothing but continue to make this country great.

I cried because, as I read the requirements for DACA, I realized that but for a technicality — my mother was born in a hospital in the Bronx — I was no different from them.

Today’s action by the Trump Administration is not only cruel, it’s un-American. It runs contrary to the American Dream itself; contrary to the efforts all of us have been making for generations to make America great. It is possibly the least “American” thing a President has ever done.

As a company, we’ll stand against this action because we believe a sustainable future is a just future — and there are few things more unjust than deporting Americans whose only crime is that they were brought to this country as the children of parents seeking to give them a better life.