Yoav Lurie

CEO & Founder

Yoav is the Founder and CEO of Simple Energy and is responsible for the company’s overall strategy and direction. Simple Energy is changing how millions of people consume energy by changing how utilities engage customers.  The Simple Energy Customer Engagement Platform leverages the power of game mechanics and the social web to change how consumers think about and act on saving energy.

Prior to founding Simple Energy, Yoav helped to build Synteractive, an IT services firm based in Washington, D.C., the city in which he also led the effort to rebuild Recovery.gov, an official U.S. Government website for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.  Yoav has also worked as a Managing Director for Teach For America, as well as with Crisis Commons, a global community of volunteers, to build crowd-sourced disaster relief applications.  As an undergraduate at Duke University, Yoav helped to start Camp Kesem, a free residential summer camp for children of cancer patients, now with over 54 active chapters in 27 states.


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