Dominic May

Senior Product Manager

Dominic is an outdoors loving Boulderite with a love of cycling, food, and technology. He is a technically minded and proficient agile project manager and loves to go deep into technology solutions while maintaining the ‘why’, attributing his success most singularly to being a good story teller and methodical planner.

As both a certified Project Manager and Product Manager, Dominic has developed products, integrations, and programs from the ground up and seen them through to success in the market.

Dominic directed development of integrations and acted as first point of contact for partnerships with Microsoft, Google, IBM, Salesforce, GitHub, Heroku, SAP, and WordPress among other enterprise level companies in his five years at SendGrid. There he also created and maintained a newsletter product responsible for a significant portion of overall revenue. Also planning, developing, and implementing an internationalization strategy extending the product offering to additional currencies and localizing the website to a number of regions.

He has managed both local engineers as well as offshore contractor development teams in Europe and South America.

Finally, in his years in the email industry, he directed sophisticated anti-spam strategy and email security procedures. Running a dedicated engineering team focused on automation, a proactive team of customer facing agents, as well as developing deep industry involvement with ESP’s, Blacklists, and other major senders.

Prior to starting his product career Dominic spent eight years as an IT professional, owning and operating an LLC with seventy small business and professional clients, managing a number of support teams, and creating one from scratch, hiring, equipping, training, and enabling them as a self-sufficient, autonomous, and growing unit.

In his free time, Dominic can be found in the mountains or geeking out on history, fiction, intellectual pursuits, or strategy.