Reforming the Energy Vision: How Digital Marketplaces Deliver Results

By Yoav Lurie on September 24, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.52.24 AMToday, Simple Energy CEO and Founder Yoav Lurie will speak on a panel at 2:50 p.m. ET about his vision for how utilities can engage customers and establish a transactional business model in a larger digital marketplace as part of New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative.  At Greentech Media’s REV4NY Exchange, he will discuss how online e-commerce platforms, like Simple Energy’s Marketplace, can transform ways in which utilities engage and transact with their customers in order to grow the distributed energy resources (DER) market.   

Watch the livestream here.  

Simple Energy is actively involved in New York State’s energy policy transformation.

As a partner in clean energy technology adoption and consumer behavioral change, we are launching REV demonstration projects with two utilities: Orange & Rockland Utilities and Rochester Gas & Electric. They will deliver an e-commerce utility-branded website offering energy-efficient products and services with instant rebates that enable customers and DER providers to directly transact with each other.  Building on not only energy usage information but also incorporating additional data about their homes or offices, current appliances, and neighborhoods, the digital marketplace will deliver specific messages and suggestions for improvements to customers’ energy environment.

Right now, fewer than seven percent of consumers take advantage of existing utility rebates. By simplifying the process, a Marketplace can deliver quick and easy adoption of new innovative energy-efficient products and services. In addition, a digital experience provides a customer portal to learn how to manage and control their energy usage, save money and change their behaviors while becoming more aware of their energy usage. Consumers will then interact and look at their utility company in a whole new way.

The reality is people only think about energy on a limited basis.  By leveraging existing marketing and billing channels, the utility can enrich the customer experience and provide greater opportunities to share better energy savings and usage information. This avenue allows the utility to expand service offerings and energy solutions beyond traditional services.  

For the first time in the energy industry, there is this tremendous feeling of working together —  from regulators to utilities, technology companies and DER manufacturers — all in order to help achieve the same REV goals, and make New York a leader for other states to follow. This initiative does indeed have a “re” theme, from reforming an industry to revolutionizing energy usage.

By changing the revenue models to reward, promote and measure energy efficiency and demand response programs, utilities are repositioned in the market as a trusted energy advisor. We are excited about the opportunities that REV initiative has opened for all the key players involved and look forward to being a part of this evolution.

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