Our Product

Simple Energy is a digital customer engagement platform that brings value to customers while driving positive, measurable business outcomes for utilities. We transform customer and consumption data into digital experiences that inspire people to take action.


We are helping utilities own their customers’ energy experience — from understanding ways to save energy to the purchasing of energy related products. Marketplace is a utility branded e-commerce platform that offers energy-saving household products and services with instant rebates. Customers are saving time and money, while utilities are maximizing the effectiveness of demand side management programs.

Customers are empowered to make energy-wise decisions

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With Rebates as a Service (RaaS), we take the same real-time, patent-pending rebate eligibility engine utilized on Simple Energy’s Marketplace and extend it to partner retail outlets. Customers can access utility rebates instantly on other ecommerce sites as well as in brick-and-mortar retail stores, and Simple Energy seamlessly validates eligibility in milliseconds by matching utility customer data via API. You decide the rebate; we enable your customers to take advantage.

Customers access utility rebates as instant rebates in the places they already shop!

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Big Data Analytics

We turn data into actionable insights. Utility-provided and third-party data is translated into consumer-friendly communications. Customers’ unique drivers and interests are learned as they interact with the program and are used to tailor future communications. This data-in, data-out cycle delivers sustained engagement over time and helps utilities better understand their customers.

Utilities learn valuable information about their customers

Micro-targeted communications plan

We personalize the energy experience. Every email, paper report and SMS text is customized to the individual customer by combining up-to-date proprietary and publicly- available data with energy usage information.

Dynamic and creative content make weekly Simple Energy emails something customers welcome, read and act on. Messaging is relevant and timely based on the customer’s household activity and past participation.

Customers receive relevant and timely information

Engagement Platform

We offer a range of experiences to engage more people. A variety of incentives, combined with personal motivators, encourage frequent interactions with the platform.

  • Energy Insights: Data-driven messages help customers better understand their energy use and how to conserve
  • Energy Community: Energy-saving competitions and Leaderboards make saving energy fun
  • Energy Rewards: Reward points drive customers to take specific actions and increase satisfaction

Customers feel in control and have incentive to act

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Rebates-as-a-Service delivers rebates directly to customers where they want to shop, like a home improvement store.

— Carolyn Elam, Team Lead, Residential Energy Efficiency, Xcel Energy