Engagement Platform

Different people respond to different things. The Simple Energy engagement platform offers a range of experiences to engage more people. A variety of incentives, combined with personal motivators, encourage frequent interactions with the platform. As customers interact with the program, their experience continually improves, delivering sustained engagement over time.

Data-Driven Messages Tailored to Every Customer

The Energy Insights module tracks customers’ energy use in clear and compelling visuals based on energy consumption, account and third-party data. Personalized content helps customers better understand their energy usage and options to conserve.

Motivators Rooted in Behavioral Science

  • Similar Households Comparison: Shows customers how their usage compares to that of area households like their own
  • User Ratings: Rewards customers for good behaviors and gives them goals to strive towards
  • Testimonials: Actual stories from real people shows customers what others have learned and inspires them to act

Personalization increases communication effectiveness

  • 80% of customers using Simple Energy’s platform report having a better understanding of their energy use
  • 70% of customers using Simple Energy’s platform reduce their energy use
  • 4 – 6.7% energy savings results, exceeding standard report-based programs by 2-3x
  • 100% of customers who engage on the Simple Energy platform also participate in complementary Demand Side Management programs

Energy Insights Features

  • Virtual Home

    Turns the home audit survey into a fun, interactive experience with an intuitively-designed infographic

  • Previous Usage Insights

    Shows customers how their past behaviors affected their usage and charges.

  • Tier Usage Calculator

    Shows customers which tier they’re in and how they can move to a more affordable tier.

  • Weather Data

    System incorporates temperature data to make relevant suggestions.

  • Targeted Tips

    Tips are prioritized based on each household characteristics and customer behaviors to be relevant and useful.

  • My Account Integration

    Simple Energy accounts are seamlessly integrated with the utility’s current website.

“I have to say, it is very nice to be recognized and rewarded for doing something like being conscious about energy. We do our best to save by not using a lot of energy during peak hours and taking advantage of our house fan.”

— Melissa R. Play Testimonial

Energy-saving Competitions and Leaderboards

Building upon comparison mechanisms, structured energy challenges encourage customers to take action and reward engagement. Here, frequent energy actions matter, as customers can earn bonus points for challenge actions such as saving during peak energy times.

Motivators Rooted in Behavioral Science

  • Team Challenges: Competitions between groups increase motivational value and create a sense of belonging
  • Leaderboards: Shows rankings of highest achievers to spur competition

Friendly competitions create excitement around energy savings

  • 98.8% retention rate of customers participating in Simple Energy programs
  • >30% email open rates demonstrate persistent engagement even in programs running over 18 months
  • Virtual rewards such as badges and points are a low cost way to further incentivize desired actions from customers

Energy Community Features

  • Friend Activity

    A streaming credits list of actions friends have taken to save energy.

  • Daily & Monthly Contests

    Coordinate with Utility Marketing teams to create contests.

  • Virtual Rewards

    Achievements show the results of their actions and motive customers to earn more

  • Social Media Ready

    Integrates with utility social media strategies and allows for easy sharing.

  • Curated Challenges

    Competitions are tailored to the customer base and their location.

  • Targeted Program Offers

    Notifies customers about upcoming promotions and offers them rewards for participating.

“We have helped the community by reducing our energy during the SDGE Reduce your use reward days.”

— Dean W. Play Testimonial

Valued Rewards That Build Loyalty

A marketplace for customers to redeem the points they’ve earned for energy savings and program participation. Points can be redeemed for deals and discounts at local and national merchants. Customers instantly receive their selected reward codes by email.

Motivators Rooted in Behavioral Science

  • Goal Setting: customers continue to earn and collect points to redeem them for the reward of their choice
  • Valuable Prizes: Provides extrinsic motivations that get more people involved that would otherwise not be engaged

Reward points drive action
and increase satisfaction

  • >10% peak event reduction with day-of messaging offering reward points for participation
  • Customers appreciate being recognized and rewarded by their utility

Energy Rewards Features

  • Local Partners

    Stimulate the local economy by featuring local merchants.

  • National Brands

    Offer value brand-name products and services.

  • Multiple Reward Levels

    Whether just getting started or an experienced energy saver, everyone can earn a reward.

  • Charity Integration

    Allow customers to donate their savings earnings to favorite charities.

  • Energy Efficient Products

    Increase customer awareness of products, which helps them save more.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    We manage vendors and streamline the purchase and delivery for users.

“The Starbucks gift cards we earned by participating in the program have given my husband and I some quiet moments together, sharing a cup of coffee, enjoying each other’s company.”

— Rita P. Play Testimonial


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