Earth Day: A Day to Celebrate

By Simon Montgomery on April 22, 2016


Simple Energy Mission Statement on Wall

Earth Day is a great time to get inspired and take action toward environmental conservation, which is why we are excited about three hugely important actions that took place today:

  1. More than 175 countries committed to take action against climate change by signing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change today at the U.N. in New York.
  2. Dozens of our utility partners’ customers purchased energy saving products today, including smart thermostats, LED light bulb packs, advanced power strips and water saving devices.
  3. Brandfolder’s blogpost said it best; our team treated today like every other day. We are proud of our mission: “We motivate people to save energy.” #startupwall

So join us in our mission and think about how you can save energy in your everyday routine; it makes a big difference.

About Simple Energy

At Simple Energy we pride ourselves in our initiatives to help move toward a sustainable future.  Simple Energy partners with utilities to help their customers save energy through the Marketplace and Engagement Platforms. The Marketplace allows customers to browse, compare and securely purchase energy-wise products, with the opportunity for rewards from a utility brand they know and trust. On the Engagement Platform, customers receive personalized energy insights, tips on saving energy, and rewards from their choice vendor for saving energy.