Customer Journey

Motivators Rooted in
Behavioral Science

Simple Energy offers a range of experiences, leveraging many proven behavioral science concepts –  normative comparisons, social norms, rewards, loss aversion and goal setting – to motivate people to take action.

Personalized Energy Experience

As people interact with the program, their unique drivers and interests are learned. The Simple Energy experience continually learns and improves based on each customer’s actions, delivering sustained engagement over time.


You are interested in replacing your thermostat and visit your utility company’s marketplace. Here you compare reviews and savings calculations for the products you are interested in. Available utility rebate offers are applied instantly.

Marketplace Benefits

Customers: Save time and money

Utility: Serves as the sole energy resource for customers

Virtual Home

You complete an online survey of your home. It’s fun, intuitive, and beautifully designed. You learn that by replacing certain items you can save energy and money.

Virtual Home Benefits

Customers: Discover new ways to save specific to their home

Utility: Acquire a better understanding of each customer and their personalized needs

Ongoing Engagement

You continue to receive personalized, micro-targeted communications and to visit your online dashboard. It’s fun to watch your energy use drop, earn points, and move up the leaderboard.

Ongoing Engagement Benefits

Customers: Adopt lasting habits to use less energy

Utility: Facilitates long-term relationships with customers and creates lasting change in the way they use energy

Energy Rewards

As you reduce your household energy use, you begin to earn badges and reward points. You are saving money and being rewarded for taking action.

Energy Rewards Benefits

Customers: Are recognized and rewarded for taking energy-saving actions

Utility: Builds brand equity and customer loyalty

Energy Community

You join an energy-saving competition with friends. Now saving energy is about more than just saving energy. You are 5th on the Leaderboard and want to save more to improve your standing.

Energy Community Benefits

Customers: Feel vested and have fun

Utility: Increases enrollment in complementary Demand Side Management programs

Energy Insights Dashboard

Interested to know more, you go online to the engagement website and log onto your personalized Energy Insights dashboard. Immediately, you notice how your energy usage compares to that of others in your community.

Energy Insights Dashboard Benefits

Customers: Feel in control and better understand their energy use

Utility: Lowers Cost to Serve by empowering customers to self help

Micro-targeted Communications

For the first time, you receive a communication from your utility that is data-driven, personalized and beautiful. You see that there are easy things you can do to save energy and earn rewards.

Micro-targeted Communications Benefits

Customers: Receive relevant and timely information

Utility: Drives program participation and increases program results


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