Bill Perry

Board Observer

Bill Perry serves as Venture Advisor at Vision Ridge Partners, as well as at Infield Capital. He is active across a broad spectrum, including: fund strategy, sector research, deal identification and screening, deal structuring and negotiation, and development of portfolio companies. Bill came to Colorado in 1982 as President of Precision Visuals, Inc. (a software company focused on engineering graphics).  He built the venture from a ten-person garage shop into number 49 on the Top 100 Software Company list.  In the early 2000s, he developed Webroot Software, Inc. into his second Top 100 Company. He also co-founded, and continues to serve with SoftBridge Advisors.  Under his leadership, SoftBridge has logged three IPOs, seventeen successful mergers, and raised or assisted in over forty financings totaling $350 million. Bill spent the early years of his career in large corporations, with key assignments as off-highway, then later on-highway marketing manager at Detroit Diesel Allison (a $1bn line of industrial products), and as chief financial officer of a rapidly growing, Latin American telecom group. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from MIT, an MBA from Harvard, and is a recipient of Esprit’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship.

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