Better for the Planet than Farmville – Simple Energy Makes Saving Energy a Game

By admin on December 30, 2011

Luke Beatty, who founded Associated Content and sold it to Yahoo, chose to mentor SimpleEnergy because the founders are doing something that hasn’t been done before: “These guys are starting something that can be really revolutionary — how do you and i interact with a utility?” Since entering TechStars, Luke says the three founders have […]

It’s TechStars Boulder Demo Day: Here are the 12 Startups

By admin on

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I was rooting for these guys to succeed because they’re hometown heroes for me. SimpleEnergy was born in Nashville, Tennessee and exists to change the way that people save energy by shifting how utility companies engage with their customers. By using apps that compare your energy […]

Motivation versus messaging in customer engagement

By admin on December 26, 2011

While many utilities are now recognizing the importance of engaging with their customers, social media platforms and other methods of interaction such as email and text messages are often still primarily viewed as a messaging tool rather than a motivational opportunity. By transforming these platforms from just another way to communicate into a system that […]

Simple Energy partners with Tendril on energy efficiency

By admin on December 6, 2011

Simple Energy was featured in a recent article on Greenbang for partnering with the Tendril Connect platform to help utilities engage customers in saving energy with online games. “What we love about Simple Energy is that they’ve used our platform to create a highly compelling online game that leverages ‘gamification’ and competition along with the power […]

How engaging customers leads to successful smart grid rollout

By admin on November 26, 2011

There are many critical components to a successful smart grid rollout, including the necessary hardware and infrastructure, but one of the most important elements for truly transforming the energy industry is engaging customers. Without consumer engagement, the most advanced hardware and complex infrastructure will not be fully utilized, resulting in a large investment without optimal […]

Colorado energy users compete for power and prizes

By admin on November 4, 2011

In a recent Denver Post article, Simple Energy is described as an effective customer engagement platform that leverages the natural human tendency to be social and competitive in order to save energy. “Simple Energy is adopting a social-media, gaming approach with prizes that include iPods and MacBooks for top energy savers… Working with San Diego Electric […]

Can games save the world?

By admin on October 26, 2011

In a recent Ecomagination article entitled “How Gamification Might Just Save the World,” Simple Energy is featured as a platform that will effectively motivate consumers to save energy through allowing them to compete with their friends and neighbors online. “People will want to appear more socially conscious, more environmentally aware than their friends, and our platform […]

How to help Americans become more energy efficient

By admin on September 26, 2011

In a recent article on Foreign Policy, Vaclav Smil explores the American tendency to use more energy per capita than citizens of almost any other country on the planet, without receiving any obvious benefits from this dramatic consumption. “The United States now faces the choice of curbing its energy appetite with deliberation, commitment, and foresight, […]