Simple Energy’s Marketplace Exceeds Xcel Energy Goals

By Crawford Frazer on March 20, 2017

The Xcel Energy Store, powered by Simple Energy, is a utility-branded online storefront available to approximately 2.4 million Xcel Energy customers in Colorado and Minnesota. The e-commerce platform enables instant rebates on energy-efficient devices for customers upon checkout. During the Store’s pilot stage (2015-16), the utility’s focus was solely on wi-fi thermostat sales—and subsequently enrolling […]

Greentech Media Covers Simple Energy Marketplace

By Crawford Frazer on February 22, 2017

Simple Energy launched Marketplace as a friendly, easy-to-use e-commerce channel where customers can enroll in utility programs and rates as well as purchase products and services. With utility branding attached to each Marketplace, the utility can position itself as customers’ trusted source of energy-saving products and services. As Marketplace adoption expands across the US, we […]

Huge Success for ComEd Marketplace

By Crawford Frazer on

Simple Energy is fortunate to be the Marketplace provider for ComEd as part of our agreement with Exelon Utilities. Following Thanksgiving 2016, we launched a Black Friday / Cyber Monday marketing campaign to drive customers of those utilities to their respective marketplaces. The results we saw showed that customers are more than interested in the […]

2016 Year in Review

By Crawford Frazer on

Despite the newfound uncertainty in the clean energy space, 2016 was a year of incredible highs. On a personal note, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our second child. And all of us at Simple Energy celebrated the newfound success of our Marketplace platform.   It was by far the best year we’ve […]

New Efficiency Program Drives Consumer Energy Savings and Bolsters Product Sales with Instant Utility Rebates

By Mallory Combs on October 11, 2016

New York utility, Orange & Rockland’s new behavioral energy efficiency and rewards program incentivizes customers to save energy while boosting sales in the utility’s online marketplace. The synergistic combination of My ORU Advisor and My ORU Store – both powered by Boulder-based SaaS company Simple Energy – was selected to help Orange & Rockland revolutionize […]

Dog Days and Demand Response Savings

By Mallory Combs on July 11, 2016

Summer’s in full swing and for most utilities across the country, so is the peak season for Demand Response events. Demand Response (DR) programs are becoming an increasingly popular tool used by utilities to mediate the strain on the energy grid caused by high demand during extreme weather conditions. For years utilities have negotiated with […]

Abandon Me Not: Using Reputation, Education and Simplification to Increase Sales of Efficiency Products

By Mallory Combs on July 8, 2016

As energy-efficient technology continues to grow and change, it’s hard for customers to stay up to date on which products work best, are compatible with their system and are the right choice for their particular needs. Too many options without enough information creates indecision and uncertainty. We don’t want customers to think a purchase is […]

Abandon Me Not: How Simple Energy is Keeping Customers and Driving Sales

By Mallory Combs on July 1, 2016

As online stores continue to flood the market, e-commerce shopping cart abandonment is at an all time high. One compilation of 33 different studies shows the average cart abandonment rate is 68 percent. So how do online stores encourage customers to complete their purchase? Simple Energy has hit upon a few tricks that successfully increased […]