5 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Online Store

By Yoav Lurie on October 19, 2015

Marketplace logoMost utility customers don’t think of their utility as a retailer. But that perception is changing as utilities redefine their role in their customers’ lives and seek to improve customer engagement with new business models. Digital marketplaces are gaining acceptance across the country. Here are a few beneficial tips we’ve found for driving e-commerce traffic.

  1. Select products that people actually want.
    Don’t stock inventory with products that fail to achieve your overall energy efficiency goals. Our partners, like Nest Labs, Honeywell, ecobee, Samsung, and LG, create products that help utilities achieve goals of offering customers energy-efficient products that also appeal to customers’ desires.
  1. Invest in good design.
    Well thought out design matters not only to your brand but to keeping your customers’ attention. With average attention spans shorter than seven seconds, you have to create something catching and flawless.  
  1. Keep it simple and seamless.
    It’s easy to hire a developer to make a fancy online store with animation and javascript, but don’t overdo it. Too much distraction in your store could lead a customer to have indecision or get overwhelmed. Keep them focused on what you offer. Keep prices easy to find and the checkout process easy and fast.
  1. Get the UX/UI right. (cheat: user experience/user interface)
    Does your store have a poor checkout flow experience? Clunky processes deter a customer from buying even when they have items in their cart.
  1. Ask for help!
    Building an online store takes software and hardware expertise. The team at Simple Energy is equipped to help. If having an online store fits into your energy efficiency (EE) or demand response (DR) programs, give us a call or shoot us an email.