2016 Year in Review

By Crawford Frazer on February 22, 2017

Despite the newfound uncertainty in the clean energy space, 2016 was a year of incredible highs. On a personal note, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our second child. And all of us at Simple Energy celebrated the newfound success of our Marketplace platform.  

It was by far the best year we’ve had as a company: we dramatically grew the number of utilities we serveparticularly with our Marketplace product. And, our utility partners see Marketplace as strategic to their long-term goals: Anne Pramaggiore, the CEO of ComEd, said it best:

“In the near term, the [ComEd Marketplace] will enhance the customer experience by simply and effectively providing our customers with new ways to manage their home energy-use. Over time, the Marketplace will evolve as a cornerstone of our utility where our customers can transact with us and other parties for a wide range of energy-related products and services.”

The Simple Energy Marketplace became the industry’s leading online transactional platform last year. Simple Energy partnered with some of this nation’s largest utilities and holding companies to become the premier multi-jurisdictional utility store in the U.S. I don’t think numbers always tell the entire story. But in this case, they reveal quite a lot:

  • There were nearly 50,000 energy-saving transactions on Marketplace.
  • Gross merchandise volume on our utility-branded Marketplaces was almost $8.5 million.
  • We now work with leading utilities like Exelon Utilities (including the previously cited ComEd), Southern Company (including Georgia Power), Xcel Energy, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Consumers Energy, Orange & Rockland Utilities, and National Grid.
  • In partnership with utilities across the US and Canada, Simple Energy’s energy-wise solutions now reach nearly 25 million homes.


But the larger story is what’s to come for Simple Energy. The future utility business model will need to engage its customers like never before by utilizing customer data as well as agile and dynamic Software as a Service platforms. To ensure Simple Energy has the right leadership in place for these trends, we decided the time was right to add a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a new Board member.

Simple Energy’s new CTO, Jennifer Kinney, previously worked as Vice President of Engineering at MapQuest and as Technology Lead, Commercialization & Technology Transfer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, among other positions. Jen has already transformed our technology roadmap in her short time here.

Our other important addition is Wayne Greenberg, who will serve on the Simple Energy Board of Directors. Wayne is currently CEO at E Source, the only North American best-practice research, consulting, and technology solutions firm focused exclusively on the customer side of the utility industry. He has long been at the forefront of integrating utility customer data into successful business plans.

No one said the path to a clean energy future would be easy. But I believe that taking ownership of that future is more important than ever, and I’m proud that Simple Energy is one of the companies creating the vision. We’re excited about the journey.

One last note on our mission as a company: The changes of the past year have also changed how we view ourselvesand we’ve made a small but meaningful change to our mission statement. Our mission has been, “Motivate customers to save energy.” We’re now expanding it in three ways: First, in addition to motivate we also enable our end customers. Second, beyond just saving energy our customers are taking energy wise actions. And, finally, we can’t do any of this without our utility partners.

As such, our new mission statement is now: We motivate and enable people to take energy wise actions while helping utilities be a part of the clean energy ecosystem.

These might seem like a minor change; but, it’s reflective of how we go about our work.

Cheers to a great 2017,